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I am practicing calmness,

I’m at the end of something –

a period, brick heavy and dangerous

marks this spot.

It is time to draw in now,

like a rose that closes its petals

at the end of her day

– I am guided to the center,

tucking everything in.

safe in a room of memories

I drape the walls in the rich colors

of life,

lining them like sheets,

I crawl in to sleep.




vegas baby

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What wonderous God

brought you to me?

And in this time

of merriment?

What is it

in you that I see?

But a very

special gent.

You took me in your arms

so quick

and kissed me long

and lovingly

I never felt

such feelings stick,

you are an anomaly!



Our Smiles

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Our smiles
– the ring that marries us
the symbol
of our love
we share daily.
tis a ceremony
we perform now
in our casual routines.

Like you, sitting there
in your favorite worn-in chair
And me, standing here
welcoming old friends in

these moments are quiet
and fetching between us,
(against full blown chatter)
and like our lives,
lived in.



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You are deep
like the ocean
I see in your eyes

fishing there though
yields nothing

and my heart aches
with the emptiness
my nets bring

you are here
yet nowhere.



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Life is like a raggedy shawl
I throw it over my shoulders
it makes me feel old and ugly.

no matter how often you wash it, mama,
how much you labor over it
with your softeners and perfumes,
it lays so limply over me
reminding me how useless it all is.

It is why I soak it in vodka,
vodka and wine, (or anything I can get my hands on)
it helps me cope with the smell
and the irritations
the material leaves on my skin.

no, no! there is nothing else!
I’ve told you nothing else fits.
I tell you everything else
is too tight and unbearable —
where I can hardly breathe!

the shawl is all I have to wear,
you see that now don’t you?
It’s the only way I can cover myself at all.

Otherwise I would be cold and naked.
It is that I fear most.

And how can you expect me to work,
with such a terrible disposition?
How can you expect me to live
— with this rash, making everything red, in my head?

It is useless to talk of yesterdays
or new beginnings.
Of when things were different,
when there was hope for something better.

When the boys were babies, yes,
yes I remember.
And I “happily” married.
Before I moved in
with nothing to do
…………….nothing to say.
………………………there is still nothing to say.

It won’t be long now
until the shawl covers me whole,
and quiets the eternal question
if it’ll ever get better.

and it will eat up all your worries
and your days
of wringing hands
and wondering where on God’s green earth
I’ve disappeared too.


Wasps make perfectly good use out of death

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wasps make perfectly good use out of death
see death there, feathery and still
it lays on the porch,
one beaded eye swollen
and empty
the wasps have been kneading in and out of its chest all day
they have gone on merrily unafraid of it
unaware of the gloom
their yellow, black bulbs protruding
working busily
feeding off it
and making a home
inside those quiet, cold envelopes



Tattle Tales

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The stars tell me about “the explosion”
They rattle on about “the big bang”
They cry out woefully the cause
[Earth, your home!] and
They have corrected my understanding
why they twinkle
it has nothing to do with light years
or the sun
it is the way
they communicate
to each other,

“We may be separated
but we are still family!”