Fall blows in

Fall blows in

scattering everything

it doesn’t seem to like

the orderliness, of the

previous seasons.

the calming blossoms

of spring

opening always like poetry

that charming procession,

or the sturcture of summer

strong branches

in big leafy trees

offering shady places

and holding all of

mother nature’s blessings.

Fall bellows

like a rude customer

set off by a bad day,

like an eccentric visionary

impatient, unyeilding

and destroying all evidence

of it’s precedors

in its wake.

It is the boss now

and it knows it.

and so throws its fits

while its death

in its fine suits

of brown, red, and gold

adheres to this matiarch.

it’s tradition,

that God in autumn.


~ by tjones612 on September 21, 2009.

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