Fall blows in

•September 21, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Fall blows in

scattering everything

it doesn’t seem to like

the orderliness, of the

previous seasons.

the calming blossoms

of spring

opening always like poetry

that charming procession,

or the sturcture of summer

strong branches

in big leafy trees

offering shady places

and holding all of

mother nature’s blessings.

Fall bellows

like a rude customer

set off by a bad day,

like an eccentric visionary

impatient, unyeilding

and destroying all evidence

of it’s precedors

in its wake.

It is the boss now

and it knows it.

and so throws its fits

while its death

in its fine suits

of brown, red, and gold

adheres to this matiarch.

it’s tradition,

that God in autumn.

the fog of us

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The fog of us

owns its ghosts

haunting us always

but just out of view

we sense the danger

in each of us

and try to live


Sweet Hysteria

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the guy I loved

the guy I lost

engulfed by the world

that brought him near

was a drug

a drug of choice

bringing laughter

sweet and dear.

so obnoxiously sweet it was

how I loved it, felt it so

fill me booming

in its mirth,

and with a joy

I will never know.

Dear Cat:

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Have you too

stopped loving me

you never bring me presents?

why I remember

back in the day

you left me little rabbits —

and what about the horrific scenes

you created just for me?

A bird cut opened,  swollen empty eyes —

a gruesome sight to see.

Not to mention all those mice

your abundant little prey,

why I haven’t seen so much a severed tail,

in this present day.

Now you only come to me

purring with requests —

“Pet me, feed me,that’s my spot,

I just need a rest.”




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I feel vulnerable as a baby
being carried inside its mother
there is nothing to do now
but to exist

while being carted off
from one place to another
in this great abeyance.

the clouds no longer look like pictures
they are giant waves
in an ocean of air

and how I love to stare
as they cover the world in blankets
soft and hypnotic, pure and true

lulling me through
the big blue.




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the purification has started
the trees are plump with the sky’s liquor
and the clouds they roll
like dough –
fluffy but dark as licorice
“spring has sprung”
the old lady tells me
sitting in her walker,
suddenly turned chair
“Can you see the sleeping bear?”
It is a cliff on a mountain in the distance,
she points to it,
it is familiar
and I realize
I’ll never see it
the same way again



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I pushed your memory
off the cliffs

off the rolling hills
in my mind

why must you breath again
like a wind on my soul
gentle in its approach
yet intent in its direction?

Like ripples in the lake of my emotions
you crash against my heart.

you, a strong wave

me, a plank of wood

on water

further away
from the sanctuary
of my own compass.